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3 years ago

Evening Respite

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any information about evening respite programs for individuals who have cognitive impairments.

There seems to be few published articles on the topic. Please let me know any websites, organizations or contacts that might be able to provide any additional information.

Thank you!

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3 years ago
Could you be a bit more specific in what you are looking for. Are you looking for an existing evening respite program to place a client? If so in what area? Are you asking about research that looks at the benefits of an evening (as opposed to a daytime?) respite program? Are you wanting to start an evening respite program? Are you asking about a caregiver receiving respite care or a program designed to have benefits for the person with dementia? Most organizations/businesses that offer in home respite care allow for evening hours. What hours are you looking at? Are you looking for overnight? Here in the USA there are organizations that offer evening respite care/programs so that the caregiver can attend a support group or an educational program. These are often referred to as "side by side" programs. The client with dementia attends their program with activities in one room and the family/caregiver attends the support group or education program in the next room. Would you like me to get you some contacts for that sort of program? If yes must it be for evening (as opposed to daytime). Also here in the USA there are some for-profit and not-for-profit respite programs that offer some evening hours. In Toronto and in the USA there are some private residential/ non govt certified nursing homes that offer overnight care on a night by night basis (no minimum number of nights - one night is fine). I am not sure of check in and check out times. In Australia they offer evening respite programs. See for example for evening care offerings. and Louanna